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2 Layer Lucky Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo - Live Plant

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

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2 Layer Lucky Bamboo is an indoor houseplant commonly known as Chinese water bamboo. It belongs to the family of Asparagaceae.

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2 Layer Lucky Bamboo - Basic care, Watering, Soil, and Planting

The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant belongs to the species Dracaena sanderiana.

It is not actually a bamboo plant. It is also known as Chinese water bamboo, goddess of mercy plant, curly bamboo, and ribbon plant. Most of the 2-layer lucky bamboo plants are grown in water, but some are potted up in the soil, as well. The leaves of this plant can be mildly toxic, and hence, should be kept away from pets, and children.

Basic care

The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant does not require constant care. The poorly cared plants can grow for a long period of time.

This plant is generally grown in a glass vase, which is filled with pebbles, and water. It can also be grown in a metal vase.

It can also be potted in the soil, but the soil should be well aerated for the proper growth of this plant.


The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant grown in water in a simple vase should only have approximately an inch of the water. This plant is highly sensitive to chlorine. Therefore, the water with added chlorine or the tap water should not be used for this plant, unless it has been left out for approximately 24 hours.Distilled, or bottled water is preferable for this plant, which should be changed on weekly basis.


The 2-layer lucky bamboo plant fares well in bright, and filtered sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the plant.

This plant can grow well even if provided with very little light, but when kept in too much light for a long period of time, it can be damaged.

The fading of the green color of the stem, and leaves, and the stretching of the plant are the signs that more light is required by the plant.


The fertilizing need of the 2-layer bamboo plant, that is grown in water is quite high.

Such plant requires fertilizing once every month. Therefore, a weak fertilizer should be used.

Only a single drop of a weak liquid fertilizer is enough for this plant to grow properly. The especially available lucky bamboo fertilizers can also be used for this process.

Problem solving

The accumulation of dirty water in the vase may get infected with bacteria. the shedding of the dead leaves in the water deteriorates the water quality. The plants may develop black roots.

The dead leaves should never be allowed to rot in the water, and the black roots should be immediately cut to save the plant from dying.

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