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Geranium Plant, Cranesbill - Live Plant

Geranium Plant

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Geranium is a low maintenance plant which can give very colourful flowers. The flowers can last for months and the basic necessity is watering and sunlight. This plant is very suitable for indoor purposes and can decorative the room.

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Geranium - Basic Care, Lighting, Watering, Soil, Flowering, Size, Fertilizer, Problem Solving

Geranium also called as cranesbill is a genus of 422 species that grow mostly in temperate regions especially in Mediterranean regions.

The flowers are colored in pink, blue, white and purple with distinctive veining that gives a nice look.

The plant grows in almost every soil and can withstand every season and propagation is by means of semi-ripe cutting or seeds or by division.


Geranium is a low maintenance plant and hardly needs care and as it is perennial it blooms all-round the year. This plant is also available as biennial and annual.

Watering and sunlight is the basic care needed for this plant but overwatering and waterlogging may make the plant sick.


Watering should be done when the pot or the area in which geranium is planted seems dry. Make sure to look after the soil for watering during summer.

As for many of the flowering plants, overwatering and waterlogging may make the plant sick so, keep a good drainage system for the plant.


Any type of soil can be used to plant geranium as it grows in almost all the soil but it gives its best in the potting soil.

Planting geranium in the soil needs a little care as it should be planted about 6 inches (can be more) from each other.


The plant needs a lot of light so it will be better to place the pot near the windows or provide it with shady light such as in morning or evening.

It also needs darkness as much as it needs sunlight so make sure that you don't place it near artificial lights for a long time.


The flowering will be in autumn and the flowers last long depending upon whether it is annual or perennial. Annual is grown in cool climates whereas perennial is grown in temperate climates.

The colour of the flower also comes in pink, blue, white and purple with different distinctive veining.


It grows to a height of about 1.5-2 feet and grows up to a spread of about 1.5 feet so it should not be a problem to plant in pots for decorative indoors.


Use liquid fertilizers to get rid of insects and bugs and follow the instructions on the fertilizers to nourish the plant. Make sure not to uses it on the leaves or other parts of the plant.

Use a layer of compost every spring to provide the plant with nutrients and place a layer of mulch on top to stop drying water in the soil.


Remove the dead flowers, leaves, and stem (probably in yellow color) to make sure it produces new flowers and protecting the plant fungus and bacteria.

Can provide a proper drain to prevent over logging of water so that it could be saved from sickness.

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