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Anthurium Red, Tailflower - Live Plant

Anthurium Red

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Red Anthurium is a flowering plant native to the Americas. It is a tropical plant with evergreen foliage, they are known by different names like Painted tongue, tail flower. They belong to the family of Araceae.

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Red Anthurium - Basic care, Watering, Soil, and Planting

Anthurium plants are also known by the names of tailflower, laceleaf, painted tongue and flamingo flower.

They are herbaceous epiphytes, which are native to the regions in tropical America with approximately 800 species.

They are popular for their heart-shaped, red flower, which is a spathe, and ornamental leaves.

Basic Care

These plants can be grown in cooler areas as houseplants, and landscaping plants.

Adequate, and indirect bright lightning is required for these plants to bloom, and grow properly.

The soil used in the pots should be free draining for the proper growth of the plant. They should be watered regularly.


The anthurium plants need to be watered regularly. However, overwatering can be harmful to the growth of the plant.

Over watering will lead to moist soil, which will hinder the natural growth of the plant, and make the plant susceptible to the root rot.

Watering the anthurium plant, when the soil feels dry to touch is best.


The soil of the anthurium plants should be free draining, however, it should be able to hold some water.

The soil of these plants should not be moist all the times, as it increases the chances of root rot.

The half and half soil mix of the potting soil, and the perlite is the preferred soil mix for the anthurium plants.

When these plants are planted as outdoor plants, such as for landscaping, it is better to plant them in a location that is well-drained.


The anthurium plants are tolerant to all the levels of the indirect light, which is a preferred lightning condition for them.

Low lighting can cause the anthurium plants to grow slower, and have lesser flowers.

The direct light can damage the anthurium plants, and burn their leaves. Therefore, they should always be provided with bright, and indirect light.


The fertilizing requirements of the anthurium plants are not very high. They need to be fertilized only once in three months.

The fertilizer with one-quarter strength, and having a high phosphorus number is best for the anthurium plants.


The stem of anthurium plants may reach a height of approximately 20 inches. The size of the stem is dependent on the spathe size of the plant.

The leaves of these plants are quite large with attractive colors and are present on quite long stalks.

Their flowering stalk ends in a fleshy column, which is crowded with the unisexual flowers.

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