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Plant Nurseries in Delhi

17 Sep 2017

Rajdhani Nursery

Rajdhani nursery is an averagely sized nursery in center of the city. It is located in the Jor Bagh area of New Delhi.

The major plus point of this plant nurseries is its proximity to the Delhi metro.

This plant nursery in Delhi has a good collection for a city nursery.

Government Sunder Nursery

As the name suggests Government Sunder Nursery is run by the government.

It is the largest state-owned nursery in India. It has a wide collection of plants and seeds. It is a must visit destination because of its landscape and the tranquility it offers.

R.C. Kataria Nursery

RC Kataria Nursery is located in Nizamuddin (east) area of Delhi.

Besides a variety of plants, you will also find a wide range of pots and accessories.

RC Kataria Nursery has a superior collection of garden plants and is a must visit for someone with a green thumb.

Greenways Nursery

Greenways nursery is in the peripheries of the state of Delhi.

It is located far away from the city in Dera Mandi. Although far away, there is a wide collection of plants available here.

It is recommended for those who do not find the plants they want in the city.

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