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Crassula Ovata, Money Tree - Live Plant

Crassula Ovata

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Crassula Ovata is a popular houseplant known with names like 'money tree'. They are used for ornamental purposes.

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Crassula Ovata - Basic care, Watering, Soil, and Planting

Crassula ovata is an indoor houseplant, which is also known as the money tree, friendship tree, jade plant, and lucky plant.

It is a succulent having small white, and pink flowers. This plant is native to the regions of South Africa, and Mozambique.

Basic care

The Crassula Ovata plant requires plenty of water, and light for its healthy growth, and a long life. However, it is an indoor plant, it can also be grown outdoors, but with the right amount of light, and water facilities. This plant should be kept near a window, or at a place, which receives an appropriate amount of sunlight during the day.


The water requirements of the Crassula ovata plant is high, but it is still better to allow the soil to dry in between the successive watering.

The watering requirements of this plant may vary according to the climate. The amount of humidity and sunlight affect the amount of water required by this plant.

Special care should be given while watering this plant. During winter, just enough water should be given to keep the soil of the plant moist.

Over watering is extremely harmful to this plant, as it may cause the roots at the bottom to rot, which will affect the growth of the plant.


Plenty of light is required by the Crassula ovata plant. They should be kept at a place, which receives an adequate amount of sunlight.

Providing the plant access to natural sunlight is best, but it can also be grown in darker places with the help of artificial lighting.


The Crassula ovata plant can reach a height of approximately 4 meter, when fully grown, and can spread to approximately 1 meter.

The life span of this plant is almost equal to the lifespan of a human. It will take time to reach its maximum size, and spread.


The Crassula ovata plant should be supplied with fertilizer very often, once every week.

It needs constant fertilizing, and therefore, a weak fertilizer is preferred. A liquid, and diluted fertilizer are the best for this plant.

The fertilizers made especially for the succulent plants are extremely helpful for this plant.


The Crassula ovata plant flowers in the time period between the late Autumn, and the late Winter.

The flowers of this plant are quite small, and white, or pink in color. Proper care, and favorable conditions are required for this plant to flower.

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