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Curry Leave Plant, Kadi Patta - Live Plant

Curry Leave Plant

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Curry Leaves plant is one of the more popular kitchen herbs. It is easy to grow. The plant needs direct sunlight and plenty of water

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Curry Leaves Plant - Plus Growing and Care Information

This is the most common plant famous for its leaves. The plant is mostly used in the Indian cuisines. The plant is native to India. You can find this plant in tropical and temperate climate areas. The plant is also known as Murraya Koenigii.

The plant can be grown either from the seed or from the cuttings. It is one of the beneficial plants to be grown in your courtyard.

Basic Care

Low maintenance plant.

The plant is easy to grow. This small shrub features thin branches and the leaves which grow in the exact rows around the slender stem. Moderate amount of light and summer rainfall is suitable for the plant.


The plant cannot bear cold. It needs a fresh and ample amount of direct sunlight. If you are planting it during the winters then make sure you plant it inside a container to protect it from the cold.

In case if you have a budding plant then 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight would be sufficient. The small plants don't require direct sunlight for 24 hrs; provide them partial shade.


As the plant enjoys the sunlight, 4 to 5 cups a day would be enough.

Let the soil dry out between watering. If the plant shows the signs of dehydration like yellowing of the leaves or cracks in the soil you can cure it by watering the plant regularly.

Reduce the amount of watering during winters to prevent it from root rot.


A well-draining soil rich in nutrients will be helpful for the soil.

Add some organic compost and manure during the growth of the budding plant. The plant would love black soil.


The plant grows from 7 feet to 15 feet. The leaves of the plant are small around 4 cm. they are lush dark green in color with the amazing aroma.


It is rare that the plant blooms. The plant would bear white flowers which are small and usually grows in a clump.

Some flowers later transform into a black colored poisonous fruits.


Fertilize the plant once in every 4 weeks. The plant may lack sulfates and iron in its content so make sure to add iron-rich fertilizers in the soil

You can also give a tablespoon of Epsom salt in diluted water for once in every 3 months.


The most common use is as a food ingredient. They are a component of Indian seasoning.

The plant also contains medicinal properties. They can help to increase your eyesight and gives you strong visibility. Having few curry leaves a day can also help you to get rid of your hair fall problems

They can also control your cholesterol level and helps in heart functionality.


Usually, the plant does not get infested with pests.

The plant cannot withstand cold. In winters, few cups of warm water would be perfect. Spraying pesticides or neem oil once in 2 months would prevent bugs and other harmful pests from attacking the plant.

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