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Grafted Cactus, Cactus - Live Plant

Grafted Cactus

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Grafting a cactus is a common method for cactus propagation. During the grafting process, a piece is cut off from a species of cactus, and grown onto another cut piece of s different species.

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Grafted Cactus - Basic care, fertilizing, watering, and lighting

Cactus belong the family of plants known as 'Cactaceae'. Generally, these plants can be found in the America.

Different species of this plant can be grafted together to form a beautiful plant. They can be propagated using leaf cuttings, grafting, and stem cuttings.

Basic care

Caring for a grafted cactus depends on the two species, which are used in the graft.

It is important to take special care of a grafted cactus plant, as the chlorophyll lacking cactus will die, if not grafted properly with a cactus having chlorophyll.


The watering needs of the grafted cactus plant are not very high. This plant can survive in the 'lack of water' situations.

However, the cactus plant often suffers from over watering. Therefore, it should be watered sparingly.

It is best to water this plant when the soil of the pot is dry. It may take weeks to a month for the soil to dry depending on the weather, location, and other environmental factors.

The water should be allowed to drain from the pot after watering the plant. Draining saves the plant from overwatering.

Over watering the plant may cause root rot, which will cause the plant to die.


The rootstock of the plant is sensitive to low temperatures. Cold, and frosts will cause the plant to die.

It is strongly suggested to keep this plant inside the house in a sheltered location.

However, exposure to the sun is required for the proper growth of the plant, so, it is better to keep it closer to a window. In this way, sunlight will be available to it.


The cactus plant does not need to be fertilized regularly on a weekly, or monthly basis the whole year.

However, during the growing season, it needs to be fertilized every month.

It is preferable to use a cactus fertilizer during this season to help the plant to grow.


The cactus graft is not susceptible to insect pests, and other diseases.

However, the spider mites and mealybugs might attack the cactus plant. Also, over watering the plant may lead to a condition called as root rot.

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