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Spider Plant, Chlorophytum Comosum - Live Plant

Spider Plant

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Chlorophytum Comosum is a beautiful houseplant that is easy to care. Watering, soil requirements and more information about the plant is listed here.

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Spider Plant - How to Care for these Wonder Plants

This hanging houseplant is the perfect ornamental plant for your house. The plant has pale yellow stems with leaves grown directly from the core. The leaves spread like the legs of a spider thus the name. The botanical name of the plant is Chlorophytum Comosum.

Originated in South Africa and now it's grown in different tropical parts of the world. The plants have many health benefits. They are inexpensive and have low maintenance cost.

Basic Care

The plant has basic needs-moderate water and sufficient sunlight.

If you are a beginner in gardening then it is the best plant to grow. These plants are flexible. They can adapt easily to the environment and resources you provide to them.


Moderate water is enough. Being a clustered plant the visibility of the plant gets deducted, making it difficult to water the plant. Then the easiest way to water the plant is by looking the leaves. The leaves tell it all.

Keep the soil moist and pour water using measuring cups. 4 to 5 cups would be enough.

You can always check the signs in the soil and water accordingly. If the soil is cracked or the edges of the leaves are curling up then it is dehydration. Make sure to water the plant.


The plant needs highly humid soil. The soil should be moist but during watering make sure you let the soil dry out in between.

If you are planning for repotting then you can add a potting mix of loam perlite and peat moss.

Don't let the soil dry out.

spider plant or chlorophytum comosum


Indirect sunlight is suitable for this plant.

Keep them in cool and dry place. It is not that they are not fond of a warm weather but they love to stay under cool environment. 3 to 4 hrs of sunlight is sufficient for the plant.


Some of the flowers of the plant develop into another spider plant. The flowers are usually greenish-white in color. The flower is very delicate with long and slim white petals. They look graceful.


The average height of the plant is 24 inches. They just grow around the pot in a spreading manner.

The leaves of the plant are around 1 inch wide and have an average length from 22 to 46cm.


Fertilizing the plant between 1 to 2 months would be sufficient.

They don't require too much of feeding. You can add the fertilizers during repotting which would support its growth


This non-poisonous plant has much benefits-whether it is about decorating your house or purifying the air. The plant is the best option for it. The plant also contributes in developing your healthy diet.


Spider mites are the most common pests found on this plant. Apart from this aphids and bugs can also infest the plant. Insecticides and pests controllers can be used to cure this problem.

Another problem is the burning of the tips of the plant. If your plant is always subjected to this issue then check the acidic content of the water. Make sure you use purified water for watering.

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