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Syngonium (Green), Arrow Head, Goose foot - Live Plant

Syngonium (Green)

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Syngonium is a houseplant with a beautiful foliage native to tropical rainforest. It belongs to the family of Araceae.

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Syngonium (Green) - Basic care, soil, and fertilizing

Syngonium Green is one of the various species that fall under the Syngonium group of plants. It is a flowering plant from the Araceae family.

It is native to the Tropical Rainforests in Southern Mexico and the West Indies. It can also be found in Central and South America.

Basic Care:

This plant can be grown as a houseplant indoors, but only in its juvenile foliage stages.

Syngonium is a plant which needs very basic care and is well adapted to household circumstances for growth. Therefore, it can be termed as a perfect indoor plant.


This plant requires high humidity to grow fully. Although, it can adapt itself to the humidity present inside a room or an office, where it is placed.


Syngonium needs good sunlight to grow. But direct sunlight can be dangerous to this plant and affect the plant's health.

Avoid putting this plant in direct sunlight and it is good to go. This plant can also adapt itself to lower levels of sunlight if required.


This plant needs to be watered properly for proper growth. Syngonium should be watered regularly from Spring to Summer, however, during Winter regular watering is better to be avoided.

Spring and Summer is the time when the tree grows and that is the time when it should be kept well fed with water.

Once after watering the plant, it is important to allow the surface to become dry before watering the plant again.


This plant is propagated very easily. Basic propagation is done by regular cutting and air layering.

If the plant is to be kept in the stage of its juvenile foliage, cutting off the developing stems, from time to time, is necessary.


Syngonium is a woody vine that can grow up to the height of 10m to 20m or even more when they reach their maturity.

However, the growth of the plants kept indoor can be controlled by the cultivator.

These indoor plants are generally grown in pots and repotting every Spring is essential for the plant to survive.


If the plant is grown indoors, fertilization is required once a month.

Organic plant fertilizers can be used, but it must be diluted and the strength of the fertilizer should be half of the normal.


Syngonium works as an air purifier and is often planted indoors to cleanse the air within.

According to Chinese Feng Shui, a Syngonium plant can bring new ideas and inspirations into one's life.

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